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Being Vegetarian…and sometimes organic.

Recently (Decemberish), I made the decision to become a vegetarian. You would think I renounced Jesus and took up full time Satan worship, according to my family. The whole lots of my family (and most friends) think I’m crazy. I don’t particularly care. The vegetarian aspect of my life was part of my “get healthy” lifestyle change.

happy little veggies. just like happy little trees.

So the decision was sparked by a particularly awful segment of my environmental biology class. Factory farming and feed lots are the most disgusting things on the earth. Google it if you don’t believe me. This opened my eyes that this is no joke, and the way food is “made” and brought to me is something I need to be aware of. So I decided NO MORE dead animals. (Or at least very very rarely will I eat them because I can never turn down a good chicken wing!) I then RE-READ the book Skinny Bitch (again, GOOGLE!). This made it worse. On the animal front, unless someone can guarantee me that no antibiotics, hormones, or poor conditions existed in the birth/raising/death and processing of said animal…I wasn’t gonna touch it. This is my decision, regardless of other opinion. I decided that dairy was ok because animals aren’t slaughtered for my eggs/cheese/milk/etc. So now I’m ovo-lacto vegetarian. (Please don’t argue with me that dairy is animal product and eating it makes me NOT a vegetarian. I know the dairy products I consume came from animals. I took MANY nutrition classes. I also know most dairy isn’t healthy for you. BUT, the pros outweigh the cons, and I LOVE DAIRY. There is a reason I am not vegan. Vegans don’t eat certain brands of gummy bears and they are anti-JELLO!) I was never a big meat fan to begin with so this hasn’t been so difficult. I’m not going to declare that I will NEVER eat meat again. I will. I know I will. The difference is that I’m making a conscious effort to not be part of the problem (which is how animals are manufactured to feed America!). I will also say that I may eat some seafood here or there. It’s not something I consume regularly now and it won’t be something I consume regularly now that I don’t eat chicken/pork/beef/etc. Look up some information on aquaculture/aqua farming of seafood…it’s equally gross! I’m not a big fan of tofu but there are a lot of other meat substitute options. I’m excited to try new things…and grow my sphere of goodness.

girl you crazy!

YOU WOULD THINK I GREW 2 HEADS! My family doesn’t understand, they make fun of me, and they ridicule my food choices. I wish I could make them understand but they don’t have enough of an open mind to understand my point of view so I’m done trying. THE ONLY reservation I have is that my dad was an avid hunter and he would not be happy about this choice. BUT, this is something I have to deal with on my own. Eating organic is just something that I’ve been trying to do since I learned about chemicals in foods. I try to eat less processed (pre-packaged/boxed/etc.) foods. I drink out of BPA containers. I avoid plastics when I can. I know that my organic food is going to have little to no chemicals/pesticides/antibiotics/hormones/preservatives/etc., and I think this is better for my body. The food tastes the same. You get the same vitamins/minerals/calories/etc. YES, it is more expensive. I DO NOT CARE. (According to my grandmother, you can taste “the organic” in the food and it tastes bad…she’s certifiably crazy.) Artificial products in foods have been proven to raise the risk of cancer. BPA has been linked to cancer. Antibiotic resistance in children and adults is linked to heavy antibiotic use in livestock. In general, the less going in, the less chance of a problem. I eat whole/raw foods when possible. Eating better=eating healthier=healthier ME. This idea makes me happy. I like that kind of math.


Here’s the rub, kids. (Shakespeare reference…duh.) Being a veggie who likes organics is HARDDDD in rural hell. Grocery stores lack variety in fruit/vegetable offerings. Grocery stores in my area barely carry ANY organic foods. I have to drive over an hour to get to an organic/vegan/veggie friendly grocery store. NOT COOL. Not only does my family/friends think I’m crazy, but I guess the grocers in rural hell want to make this a fun game of “hide and seek” too! So you’ll find me in the corner choking down on my raw veggies and other ovo-lacto foods while everyone laughs and points. And frankly, my dear…I don’t give a damn. (GUESS THAT MOVIE!)


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