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Top 3 Favorite TV shows (of all time):

I love TV. I’ll admit that the boob tube holds much of my interest. I love books but I can veg-out with a good TV show. Mindless drivel is what it’s all about. Most of the time I don’t enjoy watching shows that make me think too much. If I’m going to “think” I might as well be doing something relatively productive so the squawk box is where I gravitate when I need some down time.

There are shows I enjoy. In fact, I can watch most anything on TV but there are 5 shows that come to mind that I could watch OVER and OVER and OVER (you get the idea)…

1) Friends

This is a show I might have memorized. I manage to annoy people who watch with me because I play along with the episode. I quote it in everyday life. I will NEVER get sick of it. My future fiancé will need to understand that the only way to propose is the EXACT SAME WAY THAT MONICA AND CHANDLER DID. The last episode aired my freshman year of college and I sat and BAWLED MY EYES OUT. I own the box set and if there is nothing on TV and I’m currently not in the middle of a movie/DVD series, Friends is the fallback. There will never be a show that I love as much. Some may get close, but I like to think that those 6 Friends are my best friends. (but don’t tell anyone that because I sound cray cray)

2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

And now I just sound like a freak. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the first TV show that I fell in love with when I wasn’t watching whatever my parents put on the TV. Gone were the days of TGIF and Walker Texas Ranger, I was all about the vampires/supernatural. I blame my mom for this obsession that eventually would rule my life—she loved horror movies/books and I would sneak watches/reads when she would let me. At 26 the novelty hasn’t worn off though. When Buffy kills Angel to prevent the world from ending…you would have thought a close family member just died. BtVS also introduced me to fanfiction which is also a weird nerd thing that I’m into. God I’m lame. PS: Nicholas Brendan, if you ever need a wife, I’m available. That counts for your twin brother too.

This one is difficult… I had to think really hard and this one changes often but number 3 would have to be…:

3) Law and Order: SVU

Ummm Dr Huang (BD WONG). Hottest Asian ever. Elliot Stabler…marry me? Olivia I would go lesballs for you? Solving crime and catching sickos? YAYYYYY! It may be played out with the marathons that are on every 2 days on USA but I never do get sick of it even though I know what will happen. Law and Order:SVU is the best of the Law and Order’s and probably the best “crime” show out there. Sex and lies baby…that’s what sells




Why I love Penn State…and always will.



I grew up in a family of Penn State fans (most, not all…my sister is a traitor…and so is my step-grandpa).  I didn’t really get it when I was young.  I remember watching the championship game in 1994.  I remember watching football games on Saturdays with my dad or grandpa.  I became a Penn State fan by default…I wanted to be part of what my family found so amazing.  Little did I know that I would eventually live and breathe for the tradition and glory of “Old State”.

When I hit my teens, college was something I started thinking about.  In my early teens I just wanted to get out of Pennsylvania so I was thinking about UCLA.  I knew I wanted to be a psychiatrist.  I still would follow the Penn State football team but I never thought I’d be attending Penn State. 

I don’t know what the switch was.  I can’t explain what made me decide that Penn State was “it” for me.  Junior year of high school it was already solidified.  My SAT scores were right on the cusp and I was terrified…my grades were great but that didn’t make my acceptance a guarantee.  My senior year I hit the SAT mark I needed.  I applied in August…and I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I joked that I was headed to Penn State for the parties but in the back of my head I was scared that I wasn’t going to get that envelope in the mail.  By January, I was positive I wasn’t going to get in and had to face the idea that maybe I wasn’t going to be a nittany lion.  When I got home from school that February day and saw the Penn State insignia on a large envelope, I burst into tears.  Here it was…my acceptance to the pre-medicine program at Penn State University!  I was going to be a nittany lion and at that point it solidified my future.  I was headed to University Park in fall of 2003 to start my future.  That day (the date escapes me) is still one of the most important days of my life.

My four years at Penn State (which will probably be featured in more depth in future posts) were the most amazing years of my life.  Nothing will EVER compare to the time I spent there.  Penn State became a part of my blood.  The amount of school spirit that you feel as a part of the Penn State family isn’t something that you can explain to someone who questions it.  Unless you know what it means to “meet at the HUB” or live in the dorms or stand on Old Main lawn, or to spend 48 hours on your feet for THON, or camp in Paternoville, you don’t have a complete picture of what it means to be “Penn State”.

While I didn’t leave my 4 years with a degree (and am now pursuing it once again at Penn State), I left with a sense of self and a pride in my school that rivals no other.  I can only thank Penn State for what it’s given me and what it continues to give to the world.

Penn State has taken a bad rep lately.  I won’t get into it, my feelings are simple.  Jerry Sandusky is slime and is guilty and will pay in hell.  One man does not a university make.  We are more than the scandal.  WE ARE…Penn State.  That’s all.  Penn State is not this scandal.  Penn State’s reputation will never tarnish in my mind.

For legend Joe Paterno, I pray he finds peace and his legacy is always seen for the positive thing it was.  “Success with honor” was his motto…and we, as a Penn State family, live it.

I will always bleed blue and white.  I will always drive up 322 and see a glimpse of Beaver Stadium and get goosebumps.  I will drive down Allen St. and get tears in my eyes.  I will always be…Penn State.  I can’t explain it more than that.  “Let no act of ours bring shame…”  Penn State will always be in the forefront of my life.  And Michigan still sucks.

I couldn’t not make a comment on this.  My heart is broken today…mourning the loss of a man I’ve only met once.  It wouldn’t seem to make sense to outsiders, but to those that are part of the Penn State family are mourning the loss of Joe Paterno as if our own grandfather has passed.

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, JoePa’s name took a lot of heat, but we stood behind him.  We would have always stood behind him.  The announcement of his “treatable” lung cancer was sad, but we thought he’d beat it.  We were sure he’d beat it.  New reports of JoePa’s deteriorating health saddened the Penn State family but we didn’t think it was at the end.  Saturday 1/21/12, Joe Paterno, after being in the hospital for a week, was taken off of a respirator and was listed in grave condition.  Sunday, 1/22/12, around 10AM, he passed away.


Words can’t express the sadness the Penn State family is feeling right now.  This post wasn’t planned but it’s necessary to at least put it out there.  Thank you, Joe Paterno, for being who you were and what you “gave” to all of us.  You’ll forever be part of our memory.  Legends never die.




Making a Lifestyle Change…

I’ve always considered myself a relatively “healthy” person…especially in my younger years—active, ate well, blah blah skinny blah.  My nickname in high school was “Bone”.  As I hit college, I think things started to change.  I like to consider the 4 years I spent at Penn State as the time when…ummm…itreatedmybodylikecrap.  It isn’t pretty, but it’s true—late nights, no exercise, poor diet consisting mostly of cheap beer and vodka, general debauchery.  After college hasn’t necessarily been all that much better.  Steady weight gain, continued smoking, and poor diet and no exercise was leading me down a path of sure obesity and all that that entails…and to just face facts, I don’t want to be fat.  I’m not “fat” now, but I’m certainly fluffier than I would EVER have thought I’d be and it MUST change.  Curves are good.  Rolls are bad.

couch potato...NOT ME! (mostly me!) 😦

As part of my “resolutions” or rather, goals, of 2012, I wanted to change my lifestyle.  I’ve been focusing on being more “green” to the environment when possible but more than anything, I want to start treating my body with respect.   Less chemicals, more vegetables is the motto for the year.

I’m making a serious transition to an ovo-lacto vegetarian lifestyle (no meat/seafood, dairy is ok!) and it hasn’t been the easiest.  (SIDE BAR:  This isn’t because I’m some sort of PETA-enthusiast…but more because I don’t like the way our food is filled with chemicals and antibiotics.  AND ALSO, they are really barbaric in factory farm/feed-lot scenarios, and I can’t condone eating something that is treated so poorly.  I wouldn’t allow myself to be treated that way, what gives me the right to subject my food to that treatment?  Check out Skinny Bitch  or some articles online about factory farming/aquaculture.)

poor animals 😦

Not so much craving meat (I’ve never been a fan…and I hate chicken…except their deliciously fried wings), but the lack of convenience.  A vegetarian lifestyle requires TIME—time to prepare meals, time to shop conscientiously, and time to adjust.  So far, I’m doing pretty darn good.  I’ve had a few weak moments where I’ve eaten meat (family parties, absolute starvation, etc.) but this is a lifestyle change, not a diet so I’m ok with the setbacks.  I’m learning to try a lot of new foods and understand that convenience=chemicals.  I want to eat as little processed food as possible (or as available in Podunk hell where the grocer wouldn’t know what organic meant if it bit him in the ass).  I’m working on portion control.  I’m trying to eat colorful and varietal.  All of this will hopefully lead to a healthier weight, lessening my risk of diabetes and heart disease (amongst other problems that are triggered by obesity).  So on the food front, minus my incredibly large appetite, I’m in the process of making a healthy lifestyle change.  GO ME.

ooooooooooeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuu killer tofu!

On the exercise front though, I’m lacking motivation.  It’s cold out.  I work full-time and am in college full-time so I have little time.  I don’t like to get up early.  I like to go to bed early.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  The original goal was that the work-out would be done in the morning (just some crunches, stretches, and 30 minutes of cardio on the stationary bike my family has).  NOT TOO CRAZY.  I just haven’t gotten out of bed early enough to do any of it.  Hopefully tomorrow.

just up in the gym just working on my fitness...NOT.


Slumber? Party! « Thought Catalog.


Anyone who knows me well knows that my goal in life is to be a mattress tester.  I love to sleep.  This article above pretty much sums it up 🙂

skin cancer is a bitch. pale is the new tan.

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