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Top 3 Favorite TV shows (of all time):

I love TV. I’ll admit that the boob tube holds much of my interest. I love books but I can veg-out with a good TV show. Mindless drivel is what it’s all about. Most of the time I don’t enjoy watching shows that make me think too much. If I’m going to “think” I might as well be doing something relatively productive so the squawk box is where I gravitate when I need some down time.

There are shows I enjoy. In fact, I can watch most anything on TV but there are 5 shows that come to mind that I could watch OVER and OVER and OVER (you get the idea)…

1) Friends

This is a show I might have memorized. I manage to annoy people who watch with me because I play along with the episode. I quote it in everyday life. I will NEVER get sick of it. My future fiancé will need to understand that the only way to propose is the EXACT SAME WAY THAT MONICA AND CHANDLER DID. The last episode aired my freshman year of college and I sat and BAWLED MY EYES OUT. I own the box set and if there is nothing on TV and I’m currently not in the middle of a movie/DVD series, Friends is the fallback. There will never be a show that I love as much. Some may get close, but I like to think that those 6 Friends are my best friends. (but don’t tell anyone that because I sound cray cray)

2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

And now I just sound like a freak. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the first TV show that I fell in love with when I wasn’t watching whatever my parents put on the TV. Gone were the days of TGIF and Walker Texas Ranger, I was all about the vampires/supernatural. I blame my mom for this obsession that eventually would rule my life—she loved horror movies/books and I would sneak watches/reads when she would let me. At 26 the novelty hasn’t worn off though. When Buffy kills Angel to prevent the world from ending…you would have thought a close family member just died. BtVS also introduced me to fanfiction which is also a weird nerd thing that I’m into. God I’m lame. PS: Nicholas Brendan, if you ever need a wife, I’m available. That counts for your twin brother too.

This one is difficult… I had to think really hard and this one changes often but number 3 would have to be…:

3) Law and Order: SVU

Ummm Dr Huang (BD WONG). Hottest Asian ever. Elliot Stabler…marry me? Olivia I would go lesballs for you? Solving crime and catching sickos? YAYYYYY! It may be played out with the marathons that are on every 2 days on USA but I never do get sick of it even though I know what will happen. Law and Order:SVU is the best of the Law and Order’s and probably the best “crime” show out there. Sex and lies baby…that’s what sells


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