Joe Paterno… the man, myth, and legend… passes away.

Posted on: January 22, 2012

I couldn’t not make a comment on this.  My heart is broken today…mourning the loss of a man I’ve only met once.  It wouldn’t seem to make sense to outsiders, but to those that are part of the Penn State family are mourning the loss of Joe Paterno as if our own grandfather has passed.

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, JoePa’s name took a lot of heat, but we stood behind him.  We would have always stood behind him.  The announcement of his “treatable” lung cancer was sad, but we thought he’d beat it.  We were sure he’d beat it.  New reports of JoePa’s deteriorating health saddened the Penn State family but we didn’t think it was at the end.  Saturday 1/21/12, Joe Paterno, after being in the hospital for a week, was taken off of a respirator and was listed in grave condition.  Sunday, 1/22/12, around 10AM, he passed away.


Words can’t express the sadness the Penn State family is feeling right now.  This post wasn’t planned but it’s necessary to at least put it out there.  Thank you, Joe Paterno, for being who you were and what you “gave” to all of us.  You’ll forever be part of our memory.  Legends never die.




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