girls don’t like sports. girls like barbies. i’m not a girl?

Posted on: January 15, 2012

Let’s talk sports.


I’m a chick.  Most chicks couldn’t give a damn about sports.  I am not most chicks (duh).   I love me some sports…but I’m picky about it.  Out of the “major” sports, I don’t particularly enjoy basketball, racing (of any kind), hockey, or 95% of Olympic sports.  I like football…and baseball (and even then I’m picky!)

Reasons why I don’t like other major sports:

-Basketball-borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.  Have never enjoyed it.  Even when I was a basketball cheerleader in HS.

-Hockey- I can’t follow the damn puck around the ice.  If I can’t follow it…I don’t want to waste my time.  And watching people get their teeth knocked out is gross.

-Racing- vroom.  Vroom.  Vroom?  Watching a car run in circles for WAY TOO DAMN LONG is not for me.  I’ve even been to the real thing.  It’s boring.  And loud.  And smelly.

-The Olympics- I watch swimming/gymnastics in the summer games.  I watch figure skating in the winter games.  That’s about it.  And I only started watching swimming  because of Michael Phelps and his 6’ + wingspan.

-I kind of like soccer.  Or Futbol.  Whatever.

-There are obviously a lot of other “sports”…I like to watch cheerleading and gymnastics.  I enjoy figure skating.  I’m a chick.  GET OVER IT.

Let’s talk football.  I don’t really like professional football.  I will wear Philadelphia Eagles apparel and “root” for them only because my dad was a HUGE fan and it makes me feel close to him.  Other than that, professional football is annoying…I’d much rather watch an interesting plot of paint dry than watch professional football.  They get paid exorbitant salaries to be fat and run around.  The exception to this may be Tim Tebow because I admire him…and wanttotakehisvcard.  BUT let’s talk COLLEGE FOOTBALL.  This is my jam.  I attended The Pennsylvania State University (commonly referred to as Penn State) from 2003-2007 and am re-enrolling this fall.  I literally bleed blue and white.  I HATE Ohio State but I HATE MICHIGAN MORE!  (What time is it?  4PM and Michigan STILL sucks?)  This didn’t start in college.  Hell, football was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to PSU.  BUT, this obsession with the Nittany Lions stems from when I was a little girl and my Daddy or Grampa would watch them on TV.  This love of Penn State football was practically bred into me.  I personally wouldn’t change that alliance for all the money in the world.  (WE ARE!…PENN STATE!  THANK YOU!…YOU’RE WELCOME!)  In general though, NCAA football is just straight up awesome to watch.  These players WANT it…regardless of a paycheck.  This isn’t about money, it’s about pride.  I can sit down and watch any football game, but if I had to choose it would be 1) PSU vs. anyone OR 2)NCAA football in general.


Ahhhh baseball.  America’s past time.  Unfortunately I haven’t watched or followed much MLB in the last few years but there was a time when I lived and breathed for it.  Mostly because my boyfriend at the time was such a fantasy baseball freak that I couldn’t escape it but also because I fell in love with how sexy baseball players are.  The Boston Red Sox would be considered “my team”…  I followed them closely all throughout college and really enjoyed it.  And J.Pap is hot…and I like to yell BIG PAPIIIIII.  I hate the Yankees because their fans are obnox-sauce and they get paid way too much.  I digress, the Bo-Sox are the 2nd highest paid team in MLB.  Whatever.   I will also say I support the Philadelphia Phillies…because most of their team is SMOKING hot (and my Pappy was a big fan).  Cole Hamels is just dreamy. Baseball is kind of boring to watch on TV but it’s tolerable.  GOING TO GAMES on the other hand…it’s amazing!  I recommend it if you are a hater.  It’ll change your opinion.

Cole Hamels...marry me?


So yeah.  Basically I love college football and I like hot baseball players.


2 Responses to "girls don’t like sports. girls like barbies. i’m not a girl?"

Sports are amazing. Period.

My site is devoted to baseball and I just started a page on FB!!!

Glad to see your a baseball lover!!

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