Posted on: December 29, 2011

Pandora is making regular music media players obsolete.

Pandora… some may think it’s a fancy store. Some think it should always have BOX after it. I like to call it my best friend forever. It’s an “internet radio” that plays songs based off of what you pick. So say you want to hear songs by the Biebs and songs similar to that…it will make a radio channel just for you!

I’ve had a love affair with Pandora for a long time…probably summer of 2008—before Smartphones…when you really used your computer to access the interwebs and not your handheld device. I was fascinated with the idea of streaming radio from my computer.
Life eventually got in the way and I didn’t fall back in love with Pandora until I hooked up with my Smartphones and downloaded the app. Recently, I’ve had an obsession with Pandora that is bordering on neurotic. I get so angry at the regular radio in the car that if I can’t listen to Pandora on the road, I sit in silence and talk to myself.

Being a Broadway fan, and an overall fan of obscure non-popular music, without CDs and my iPod, I struggle. I won’t be hearing “The Internet is Made for Porn” (Avenue Q) on the regular radio…So I generally have boycotted the radio since Pandora and I hooked back up. The problem with this is, I never really here new music until weeks/months after it’s already popular…so I look like a fool. (I only heard Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith a week or 2 ago…) If I don’t hear it on Glee or someone recommends it, I’m ok without it normally…sometimes the radio can surprise me with some goodies though.

With Pandora I can listen to all of my Broadway stuff…and the rest of the randos that I love. BUT… why must Pandora limit me with 6 skips/hour? Sometimes it throws some stuff too random in there for even me—so I skip. I guess I’m impatient. But I would like unlimited skips please. PANDORA…HEY…LISTENS TO ME!

Recently I tried another internet/phone app radio service called Slacker. It is a slacker…because it sucked. It kept freezing. It wouldn’t play songs related to the search. I was sad…because I paid for the no-skip-limit option. I thought this would fix my torrid love-hate relationship with Pandora. Sadly, I’m stalking back to my old love with my tail between my legs, hoping for a peaceful reconciliation.

So, Pandora…I just want you to know how much I love you. You alone understand the freak show that is my music taste…and even though sometimes you play bubblegum pop when it isn’t warranted…I love you anyway. Where else can I go to listen to Evanescence and Lea Michele in the same hour?


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